Envisioning an academic writing experience that centers Indigenous epistemologies, pedagogies, and cosmologies that conceptualize relationship
to the land, while drawing upon insights into these topics from local syilx perspectives.

What does that mean? Creating a guide that enfolds many Indigenous perspectives relating to writing, while connecting learning to key concepts within syilx knowledge systems such

  • -Identity, what it means to be syilx (those who
  • concepts of land, tmixw (life-force-place)
  • to the way we interact with knowledge and
    each other through an oppositional dynamics
    model, enowkinwixw (share knowledge reciprocally)

Quoted from References from this PDF:
A Locally Situated Land-based Indigenous Writing & Pedagogy Guide
Department of English and Cultural Studies/Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies/University of British Columbia Okanagan
by Dr. Kerrie Charnley, Dr. Jordan Stouck, Tania Willard, MFA, Emily Comeau, MA, Kalli Van Stone

Find their PDF here 

– “The Four Chiefs Enowkinwixw Discourse”
Armstrong, Jeannette. Blowing Drifts Moon. February
Armstrong, Jeannette. Constructing Indigeneity: Syilx
Okanagan Oraliture and Tmixwcentrism. Greifswald,
University, Dissertation, 2010.

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