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Books that we have read — some portion — that directly relate to some aspect of our conversations around deolonizing.

white and black comic panels for drawing stick figure scenes

Before/ After taking this Decolonizing Wellspring series. Worksheet PDF

For this activity you will need the Before/After worksheet A white gel pen A black marker pen loopy stickers Only one rule: Use at least one loopy sticker…

steeping stones and pebbles with the words the journey begins painted on them

Elder protocols

Here is an excellent PDF by the Alberta Teachers Association explaining Elder protocols (LINK)

a wooden bowl filled with loose tobacco

Put tobacco down first to request a teaching

It is appropriate to offer tobacco when asking for a song, an opening prayer, a teaching, Indigenous knowledge, or for advice. This should not replace remuneration or honoraria….

psychedelic profile photo

Music playlist – I’ll be missing you –

multi-coloured map of the world

Think-place: now with full world map

I have expanded the “Think-place” prompt to include a map of the whole world.

A map inside a box and a white box inside a green tree

Think place/ Place-thought

Attached is the Think place/Place-thought worksheet PDF Think-place “Settler people settle … Settler identities become rooted in particular places. Land … refers to something akin to “place” (p….

White text on dark green background

Indigenous Canada – Free 12-week course

Begins Nov 15, 2022 offered by the University of Alberta LINK About this Course. Indigenous Canada is a 12-lesson Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) from the Faculty of…

An illustration of young woman\'s eye in profile. She has brown hair and light brown skin

Decolonizing stories, pre-cognitive filters and bias

“The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” ― Muriel Rukeyser   “It is the spirit of story that moves through the world of being …” – Wilson, Breen, &…

photo of Thich Nhat Hanh

You carry Mother Earth within you.

“You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment. In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to…

concentric circles growing with each layer, relationship and perspective

A Locally Situated Land-based Indigenous Writing & Pedagogy Guide

Envisioning an academic writing experience that centers Indigenous epistemologies, pedagogies, and cosmologies that conceptualize relationshipto the land, while drawing upon insights into these topics from local syilx perspectives….

screen shot of website - picket signs against big oil

Sue Big Oil – Following Hummingbird’s example

Here is one way you can do your “one drop at a time” hummingbird practice. Suing Big Oil for damages caused by fossil fuel — one person at…

Abstract profile of woman facing night sky with planets. Dark blues, reds and black swirls.

My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies

by Resmaa Menakem (2017) In this groundbreaking book, therapist Resmaa Menakem examines the damage caused by racism in America from the perspective of trauma and body-centered psychology. The…

mixed watercolour splotches, many colours

Bargaining for Indigenization of the Academy

“Indigenous knowledge is rarely acquired through written documents, but is, rather, a worldview adopted through living, listening and learning in the ancestral languages and within the contexts of…

graphic narrative image - indigenous child faces forward with the earth globe and space in the backgroundackgrouns

This Place: 150 Years Retold

by Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm (Author), Sonny Assu (Author), Brandon Mitchell (Author), Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley (Author), Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley (Author), David A. Robertson (Author), Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair (Author), Jen Storm (Author), Richard…

evocative Indigenous line drawings on batik purple background

Research and Reconciliation

by Shawn Wilson, Andrea V. Breen, and Lindsay DuPré Book link. “It is the spirit of story that moves through the world of being and the world of…

splotches of watercolours - many colours

Unsettling settler colonialism: The discourse and politics of settlers, and solidarity with Indigenous nations

by Corey Snelgrove, Rita Kaur Dhamoon, and Jeff Corntassel Article PDF attached Abstract Our goal in this article is to intervene and disrupt current contentious debates regarding the…

paint splotches hovering over a body of ripple ocean

Unthinking Mastery: Dehumanism and Decolonial Entanglements

by Julietta Singh Book link. Julietta Singh challenges the drive toward the mastery over self and others by showing how the forms of self-mastery advocated by anticolonial thinkers…

white background with bold red arc of colour

Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World

by Tyson Yunkaporta Book link. A paradigm-shifting book in the vein of Sapiens that brings a crucial Indigenous perspective to historical and cultural issues of history, education, money,…


Glitch Feminism: A Manifesto

by Legacy Russell (2020) Book link. A new manifesto for cyberfeminism: finding liberation in the glitch between body, gender, and technology The divide between the digital and the…

BIPOC folks sitting for a photo with white cutouts where there heads would be

Listening to Images

by Tina M Campt Book link. In Listening to Images Tina M. Campt explores a way of listening closely to photography, engaging with lost archives of historically dismissed…