1 Comics Categorized "You and the Little Hummingbird"

During this “Flight of the Hummingbird” series you have had to chance to make some personal connections to important phrases in this Indigenous story.

Story is not just a fanciful idea but rather a Spirit that journeys — for better or worse — with us.

Show a scene that best describes your current relationship with ” Dukdukdiya – the Little Hummingbird”.

You two could be outside, having tea, sharing a dream, or flying up in the sky together — let your imagination expand and discover a scene that best describes how you are currently relating to the Little Hummingbird.

3 panel comic of a hummingbird at a craft show, an office and in a garden

The hummingbird is all around us

I see the hummingbird everywhere. She is everywhere I turn – reminding me of this decolonizing journey and my commitments.